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HubSpot CRM bespoke app integration and customer lifecycle management

Farmer using an ESG Lead system on the tablet in nature


EcoDesk are a technology company that develop ESG measurement tools and programs to help clients make informed decisions and take action to achieve their environmental and social impact targets.


  • HubSpot CRM setup - Marketing, Sales and Operations Hub
  • Bespoke Integration
  • Data management
  • Nurture and retention programme development

The challenge

Based on a customised app, Ecodesk's innovative ESG Lead technology platform gathers and consolidates data to offer a more comprehensive understanding of supply chains and suppliers. This valuable insight enables clients to meet sustainability frameworks and standards, including B-Corp and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Seeking assistance, EcoDesk approached Burn to seamlessly integrate their HubSpot CRM system with their newly developed ESG Lead application. Additionally, they aimed to create a cutting-edge CLM program that would enhance conversion rates, increase visibility, and optimise efficiencies.

Our approach

Mapping Systems, Data, and Processes

To kick off the project, we delved into a thorough review of the new application and customer journey. This allowed us to gain valuable insights into customer expectations and needs, identify the crucial touch points within the application, and data points across the app. By doing so, we were able to establish the context and determine the full potential of the systems before diving into the core elements of our customer lifecycle strategy, tactics, and processes. 

Designing Systems and Integrations

Equipped with a deep understanding of the customer journey, we set about designing the HubSpot CRM system around. Our goal was to ensure that data mapping, journey progression, and customer lifecycle stages were perfectly mirrored. This way, regardless of where customers were in their journey with ESG Lead, we achieved continuity that guaranteed the best possible experience for prospects and customers.

This approach also allowed us to identify opportunities and propose enhancements to the application, while simultaneously specifying the integration requirements between the ESG Lead app and the HubSpot platform.

Creating the CLM Program

Once the lifecycle stages and customer journey were confirmed, we set out to construct the foundation of an automated CLM program. This comprehensive program catered to existing customers, prospects, lapsed customers, and inactive users.

Drawing on our expertise in customer engagement and eCRM programs, we tailored communications at each stage of the journey to ensure stronger engagement through more relevant messaging and optimal timings. Leveraging behavioural data points extracted from the ESG Lead application, including usage, engagement rates, time, and lifecycle stages, we automated each customer's journey.

Building the System

With the design, mapping and CLM phases completed, we focused on building the HubSpot platform according to our specifications. This involved integrating the ESG Lead app with HubSpot through technical consultations, workshops, process development, and data flows.

We meticulously designed, set up, and built the HubSpot platform, incorporating various stages, automated workflows, lifecycle automations, reporting, and dashboards. This comprehensive system provided enhanced clarity throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


The entire process, from initial mapping to system launch, spanned approximately 8 weeks. Currently, the program is live, and we have been retained to oversee and optimise the CLM program and manage Ecodesk's HubSpot platform.