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Revitalising a sustainable materials manufacturer with HubSpot CMS

A man is crafting baskets made from bamboo materials in the forest, while a young girl watches closely.


ENKEV specialise in engineering and producing circular and bio-degradable materials to enable the manufacturing of sustainable products, which do not cost the world and reduce CO2 levels across the globe.


  • Branding & design
  • HubSpot CMS design & build
  • HubDB

The challenge

ENKEV have been at the forefront of utilising raw and natural fibers since 1932, creating high-quality sustainable materials for renowned brands across industries including mattresses, packaging, clothing and automotive.

Recognising the need for an updated online presence that truly reflects the ENKEV brand and their exceptional products, they sought the expertise of Burn to design and develop a new website on the powerful HubSpot CMS platform. By leveraging HubDB to establish a comprehensive product library and integrating the CRM system, ENKEV aimed to enhance performance, scalability, and overall aesthetics.

The approach

This collaboration with Burn allowed ENKEV to embark on a journey of discovery, delving into their brand heritage and vision. Through immersive brand workshops, the ENKEV identity was revitalised, encompassing compelling positioning statements, and captivating colours, fonts and imagery. These elements breathed life into the narrative and product presentation on the website.

Moreover, these workshops yielded invaluable insights into improving user experience. The previous website's disorganised menu system posed challenges for customers, making navigation a cumbersome process. By prioritising user-centric design, the new site eliminates these obstacles and ensures a seamless browsing experience.

Group 43-min

To streamline the vast array of products, Burn meticulously crafted a sitemap and core website architecture. The goal was to create manageable categories that resonate with both existing and potential customers, offering simplified navigation without compromising the depth of product information. Additionally, the new site highlights key industries that ENKEV serves, providing tailored content to their target audiences.


Group 34-min


With the foundation in place, Burn's design team set out to create a captivating theme that showcases ENKEV's commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and creativity. By combining various fibers, ENKEV produces innovative and eco-friendly products. The redesigned website brilliantly captures these elements, with colours, images and layouts meticulously chosen to meet modern accessibility standards. Furthermore, HubSpot modules, buttons, and CTAs were custom-designed to seamlessly integrate with the
refreshed theme. Each page adheres to HubSpot's modular approach, empowering the ENKEV team to effortlessly make updates and amendments to web pages.

The result

Once the new website design was finalised, Burn's development team brought it to life. The end result is an intuitive and engaging website that effortlessly guides visitors to the information they seek, with clear and compelling call-to-action prompts throughout the site.

This transformative collaboration between ENKEV and Burn has resulted in a digital platform that truly embodies the ENKEV brand. The website showcases their exceptional products and further cements their position as pioneer in sustainable materials. The redesign is clean and modern, reflecting the brand identity and ethos. This has helped to raise brand awareness and the website has the potential to serve as a powerful marketing tool with its improved UX/UI.

Website traffic up + 400% consistently YoY, bounce rates and lead generation activity have improved.



Mockups of Enkevs new website -min

Mockup of Enkevs new website-min