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Why ‘Best for Effectiveness’ is an award we would love

By Burn •

  • Best Practice

Regular followers of either this blog or our social channels will have noticed the recent news that we’re finalists in 5 categories in The Drum Recommends Awards – Best for Creativity and Innovation, Best for Strategic Thinking, Best for Effectiveness, Best for Direct Marketing and Best for Data.

I was reflecting on this wonderful news the other day and it led me to pondering which of the 5 categories I’d most like us to win. Of course, that’s a challenging question, as the truth is we’d be delighted to win any of them. They are all very desirable accolades and would generate pride in different ways. However, from an existentialist perspective, surely Best for Effectiveness has to be the ultimate award doesn’t it?

When I was a young graduate, it was my interest in creativity and ideas that drove me to a career in marketing. Then, as my early career progressed, I began to appreciate more and more the importance strategic thinking played in delivering commercial objectives and powerful creative.

But surely the real reason we strive to be the most creative or the best for strategic thinking is not just for the accolades themselves but to drive the effectiveness of the work we deliver. To achieve ever better results for our clients.

That is the measure of ultimate success for anyone in marketing, surely?