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Shifting trialists to paying customers



Pipedrive is a CRM technology company driven to help small businesses grow. For over ten years, they’ve been committed to building the best CRM – a CRM by and for salespeople.


  • Nurture, retention, and acquisition programme development
  • Journey planning
  • Data analysis
  • Creative 

The challenge

Pipedrive is well-renowned CRM software. Whilst suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes, the majority of its customers are SOHOs and SMEs. Burn was appointed to help Pipedrive improve the performance of its CRM programmes, with the objective of increasing the number of trialists to paying customers.

Pipedrive recruit product trialists via search, social and content marketing. A CRM programme was in place to welcome and then manage them through their early experience with the product, with a view to converting them to a paying customer at the end of their trial.

The programme was underperforming with too many communications in play resulting in a lack of clarity on messaging and poor and unengaging creative.

Pipedrive_case study_image 2

Our approach

Using our 3 R's Optimisation Framework to review the existing welcome programme, we began by assessing the onboarding journey looking at conversion rates, customer data points and needs at each stage. We then assessed creative against our Creative Engagement framework to see how copy and imagery aligned with each journey stage.

This allowed us to gain a clear understanding of what customers expect, identify their needs, pinpoint any discrepancies, and uncover opportunities for Pipedrive to better align with their prospects and customers.

The solution

From here we could look at tailoring journeys and messaging ensuring relevancy and value at each stage, and begin to build relationships. We rationalised confusing and repetitious communications, used customer data to drive personalisation and relevancy, and aligned messaging with the Pipedrive brand and customer journey stages to improve engagement.


pipedrive_case study_1



The result is a more concise welcome journey with fewer emails, increased relevancy and more engaging creative. The new welcome journey was effective immediately, with a 100% increase in engagement levels, leading to improved conversion rates from trialists to paying customers.